Climate scandal having no effect on Obama’s position

A. Zarkov writes:

The Climategate scandal is accelerating. As investigators drill into the documents and computer code, they are finding more and more evidence of fraud that goes beyond the material in the emails. For example the computer codes used in reconstructing historical temperatures from tree ring data have comments that indicate deliberate tinkering to produce the desired result. VFR readers who wish to look at the actual suspect coding should go here. It looks like the whole global warming hoax is coming apart. Yet according to the Washington Times, Obama’s “climate czar” remains unimpressed.

“Obama administration climate czar Carol Browner on Wednesday rejected claims that e-mails stolen from a British university show climate scientists trumped up global warming numbers, saying she considers the science settled.”

Is Obama still going commit the US to an international climate treaty? Yes he is. According to the same Washington Times article,

“The White House said Wednesday that Mr. Obama will personally travel to Copenhagen to commit the U.S. to greenhouse gas reductions.”

Carol Brown shows nothing but contempt for the new material.

“Ms. Browner initially shrugged when asked about the e-mails, saying she didn’t have a reaction. But when a reporter followed up, she said she will stick with the consensus of the 2,500 climate scientists on the International Panel on Climate Change who concluded global warming is happening and is most likely being pushed by human actions.”

It’s obvious that nothing is going to stop Obama from going for the trifecta: health care, cap and trade, and amnesty for illegal aliens with full benefits. It does not seem to matter to him if he destroys the economy. Indeed he might very well be out to the destroy the economy. He and the Democrats must be stopped.

LA replies:

As a commenter says in another entry, the supporters of AGW are warm-mongers.

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