The Cain marriage

(Sorry about the bad typos in this entry as originally posted; one should never post a blog entry just as one is heading out the door.)

As Cain “suspends” his presidential campaign today, the Daily Beast has a not complimentary look at the Cain marriage. It seems that Gloria and Herman Cain have been leading largely separate lives for many years, she’s not into his Big Man schtick, she’s accepted without liking it his extramarital relationships, and when he’s home he’s in his own world. Two interviewees say what I’ve felt all along and wrote the other day: he was running for president for the fun of it, for the expression and fulfillment of his ego, and then to his astonishment and the further expansion of his ego he found himself being taken seriously.

And, by the way, I think exactly the same is true of Gingrich.

Really, shouldn’t the selection of a U.S. president be about selecting a U.S. president, not about giving the maximum possible number of people their chance to be Jay Gatsby for a few months?

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LA writes:

One of my typos was: “And, by the way, I think exactly is be true of Gingrich.”

You know, I think that “is be” has a certain charm, like Ebonics.

Paul K. writes:

You wrote, “And, by the way, I think exactly the same is true of Gingrich.”

I suspect that Gingrich never expected to do as well as he has in this race and that the pressure is getting to him. He will self-destruct any time now, saying or doing something outrageous that will blow him out of the water. He can’t help himself. It’s been his lifelong modus operandi.

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