The left and nonwhite campaign to displace the white British is becoming explicit

And when it has become fully explicit, so that no one can deny it, what will the Peter Hitchenses and Melanie Phillipses of the world, who oppose multiculturalism but also loathe the very idea of whiteness, do? Whose side will they be on?

Philip M., a BNP member who ran for a local council seat in the recent elections, writes:

This is an e mail I sent to a thread at the Guardian website following an article by the (Asian) Briton Sunny Hundal about the BNP victory:

The other day I watched the Dr Alice Roberts BBC series “the incredible journey” about the migrations of humans around the world. In the episode about the expansion into Europe she repeatedly used the term “European” to refer to the white people who colonised this continent. What would happen if Sunny, or other ethnic minorities, took issue with this, and insisted that as citizens of Europe they felt excluded by the use of this term and demanded that when we referred to Europeans we had to mean all people living in Europe, not just whites?

The effect of course would be to obfuscate the meaning of the word, rendering it useless as a racial description, and turning it instead into a mere description of geography and citizenship. Whites would find that they no longer possessed a term they could use to describe only themselves, and would find it impossible to talk about their collective past or express a collective identity. They would be denied the ability clearly to see their own past, and without a past would have no future.

That Sunny and others will do exactly this is beyond doubt, as they have already done exactly this to the term “British,” rendering it useless as a racial, ethnic description of the historic peoples of these islands, and in the process deliberately confusing our sense of ourselves and our history—they have destroyed our group identity whilst demanding the very same thing for their own racial and ethnic groups.

Nick Griffin’s point about the black Robin Hood on the BBC should be seen in this context. It is a frightening propaganda exercize by those who wish to destroy our identity and confuse young ethnic Britons as to the true historic North-European nature of this land. Those on this thread who roll their eyes and say, “It doesn’t matter,” are showing a breathtaking double standard, given that they demand racial sensitivity be shown to every other group in Britain concerning the depiction of their past. It only doesn’t matter because in their eyes, the British people don’t matter and the truth doesn’t matter.

On the thread on London’s BNP blog one blogger wrote

“It’s simple fact that those who vote BNP are white so logically, as in London, Leicester and Birmingham, if whites can be rendered a minority in the entire UK, then the BNP will never prosper. Fortunately, this scenario looks as though it is unstoppable and whites will soon be a minority in the UK but not soon enough to save Labour on this occasion.”

This is the true face of the “colourblind” Marxist, and it is anti-white and anti-British to its rotten core.

For the record I was proud to stand for the BNP in the local elections and will continue to do so regardless of the tedious pejoratives Sunny and his anti-white friends can think of.

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Bill in Maryland writes:

Re: The left and nonwhite campaign to displace the white British is becoming explicit:

“Nick Griffin’s point about the black Robin Hood on the BBC should be seen in this context.”

This is what he is referring to:

It was mentioned in a radio interview Griffin gave yesterday morning.

LA replies:

In the series, Friar Tuck has been recast as a black martial arts expert. Here are two comments following the article:

Everybody knows that in the middle ages they were politically correct. There were no monks, let alone there were any Christians.

Black people were well respected. They predominantly lived in cities.

Soon the problems of kids lacking historical perspective will be solved.

Did I mention they used environmental friendly vehicles? Yep electrical cars.

- luke, Bolton, 28/3/2009 14:32

Erm… Robin Hood is a legend, a myth, so once again its being re-told for audience as the story teller sees it. So what?

- Philip, Bletchley, 28/3/2009 14:29

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