Comments on Obamacare and other subjects, March 24


Phantom Blogger writes:

According to this link here at National Review, Rasmussen says Obamacare has had a Major Bounce in Popularity.

LA replies:

Since the 20th, “Disapprove” has declined from 56 to 52, and “Approve” has climbed from 43 to 48. The improvement is probably due to leftists who are happy the bill was passed. He’s still net disapproval by four points.

The poll is about approval of Obama, not Obamacare.

Randy writes:

One argument about Obamacare that I never heard regards the enormous size of such an undertaking that has never been attempted before. Many times I heard of the horror stories about the failure of the Canadian and British systems. Consider that Canada is about 10 percent the size of the U.S. in population and that its population is largely European descended. The implications of implementing government run health care in the U.S. with 300 million, of which 20-30 percent are dysfunctional black and other assorted Third World immigrants, is beyond comprehension.

LA replies:

Indeed it is. That’s the major reason why I thought that socialized medicine would never be instituted in America, and if it were instituted, would be a disaster. There is no comparison between the small to medium sized European countries with their largely homogeneous populations and strong traditions of cooperation and self-restraint, and gargantuan America with a vast black population, and now vast nonwhite Hispanic population. The extra medical expenses incurred by the black population would make any system of socialized medicine unworkable. That’s what I always thought. But now we’re going ahead and doing it.

Further, we’re not doing the relatively straightforward single payer socialized system, but instead this staggeringly complicated and coercive middle system in which insurance companies and doctors are not owned by the government, but completely under its thumb, and in which people, while being told that they now have a “right” to health care, are for the first time in history being forced to buy private health insurance. It’s the most complicated and ruinous piece of legislation in American history. Some will say that the Kansas Nebraska Act of 1854 was more disastrous, since it led directly to the Civil War. I think Obamacare would well produce something like a civil war.

Apologetic Republican response to attacks

Doug H. writes:

I think we let the media keep us rocked back on our heels. They take an issue such as the rage and anger of the conservative movement and turn it into something ugly. The conservatives will spend an hour just trying to apologize or explain the problem. This is what Beck did on his radio program today. Next, he had a Republican from Kansas come on the show to explain a billboard that was put up in her state which read nothing inappropriate as far as I could tell, yet she spent 10 minutes explaining it wasn’t the Republicans fault.


We don’t owe anyone an apology for being conservative.

The media is constantly keeping us on the defensive diverting us from development of good offensive strategy. We know the media is against us. We know Obama will attempt to stop conservative voices. We know Saudi is buying up Fox cutting off that avenue to get our point across.

I say quit apologizing. Rock the liberals back on their heels. Use the internet. Use the radio. Use Fox while we can. But quit showing weakness.

Just last night on the Hannity show, (which I can only watch minutes at a time), Hannity asked a Democratic spokesperson if he thought all the corruption and bribery was bad coming from the Democrats. He flat out said “No.” This was shocking to my wife and me. Realizing how the question was phrased I thought this is really no different from the liberal media’s questions to a conservative. I can only imagine that the conservative would first spend five minutes explaining how they didn’t agree with this and how it wasn’t true. Most people do not have the attention span, intellect, or whatever to set through an answer such as this. Hearing a Democrat respond such as he did, many people would simply allow it to pass and many would accept this.

Another example is the Republican Texas representative who called the healthcare bill a baby killer. People got all upset and attempted to use this against him. He was on Hannity last night explaining himself. I sent him an e-mail encouraging him not to apologize for stating the truth.

It doesn’t matter if the venue was correct or not. The truth has got to get out, and we can’t keep apologizing for stating it boldly.

Sorry for the ranting. There I go apologizing.

LA replies:

This is a central weakness of conservatism and Republicanism: instead of challenging the false liberal premises about “racism” and “hate” that are used to attack them, the conservatives and Republicans either defend themselves (“I’m not racist”!), or apologize. This is the proof that conservatism accepts liberal premises and is under the thumb of liberalism and thus is liberalism.

Eric Massa

Clark Coleman writes:

Just came across this link to a story about how Eric Massa was a gay molester while in the Navy. Elaine Donnelly of the Center for Military Readiness made the point that servicemen are very reluctant to pursue allegations against their superior officers, which might call into question the wisdom of encouraging gays to join the military.

Mob attacks in Philadelphia

Steve H. writes:

The news has been reporting the horror of “false mob” attacks on South St. in Center City in Philadelphia. Not one single report that I heard on radio or TV mentioned the fact that the criminals were black and their victims were white.

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