Mesmized by superficiality

From an exchange at The Thinking Housewife:

Thomas Bertonneau wrote:

One part—and it is no small part—of our precipitous deculturation of the last few decades is that genuine comeliness whether in male or female appearance has disappeared, to be replaced by clich├ęs of glamour and a type of institutional severity, which we see not only in the faces of the people but in their garb. Pretty-faced insipidity, fine-tuned as a sexual come-on, is also rampant. Perino and Coulter are severe. All the twenty-something Brad-Pitt and Angelina-Jolie clones are insipid.

Laura Wood replied:

“A type of institutional severity,” yes. It’s canned beauty, whether in a man or a woman. Insipid faces are like glassy pools. One can stare into them, almost mesmerized by the lack of depth.

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