Emanuel back on ballot in Chicago

On January 24, when the New York Times described as “a significant and unexpected setback for Mr. Emanuel” the shocking decision by an Illinois appeals court that Rahm Emanuel had not been a legal resident of Chicago for the last year and therefore was not qualified for run for mayor in this year’s election, I wrote:

Excuse me, but isn’t the elimination of Emanuel’s candidacy (short of a reversal by the Illinois Supreme Court) something more than a mere setback? I remember when Times reporters were competent writers of English. Unless the Times knows that the fix is already in at the Supreme Court. In which case its competence in English usage is not impugned.

Well, the Times’ competence in English usage is not impugned (except for its constant use of the split infinitive): yesterday, the Illinois Supreme Court overturned the appeals court decision, allowing Emanuel’s candidacy to proceed.

Posted by Lawrence Auster at January 28, 2011 07:52 AM | Send

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