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Paul Weston, head of the British Freedom Party, sends this response to the recent discussions (here and here) at VFR and at Reflecting Light:

John McNeil and Rick Darby are clearly disappointed with British Freedom’s ethnic/multicultural political stance. In reply, I would state that politics “is the art of the possible.” Do I believe the indigenous British/English race is under threat? Yes I do, but I also realise the majority of the electorate remain blissfully unaware of this. Our job over the next couple of years is to educate the public about their dire future as an ethnic minority within their own homeland.

In order to do this we must have access to the mainstream media, rather than being firmly shut out as the BNP currently are. The British people have been subjected to decades of propaganda, which sadly has worked very effectively. The demonization of “racist” political parties is a very efficient tool, which has led to the majority of people shying away from such entities.

If I wished to target the existing minority vote, then I would talk openly about our racial dissolution, but the minority vote will not win an election in 2015. The British electorate is a brainwashed juggernaut which we first have to slow down before we can turn it around. British Freedom’s initial goal is to apply politically acceptable friction to the brakes.

In order to do this we must become a household name within the next year, and we must be recognised as a non-racist party. I would remind Mr McNeil and Mr Darby that they represent a very small minority of the population actually aware of our predicament. Whilst I appreciate their concerns, I also think a more overt approach (in line with their approval) would equate to instant political suicide. We must grow substantially larger, I would suggest, before we can take on the treacherous establishment from a position of equal strength.

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