A sensible argument for racially segregated schools

At his blog DoublethinkNot, Thor Christopher (Christ-bearing Thor! A fun way of combining the Christian and Germanic parts of our Western heritage) writes:

Parents Escorted from High School Graduation

When a child graduates from high school the parents are, quite naturally, very happy. Some parents smile and wave at their child, while other parents get rather rowdy and loud, cheering for their child and his accomplishment. The latter group [of parents] celebrate as though they are at a sporting event, and they are usually black parents. This is one of those cultural differences that is especially illustrative of how dramatically different white and black people can be.

In Florence, South Carolina, at South Florence High School, quite a few parents were recently escorted from the high school graduation ceremony for celebrating when their children came on stage. The biggest problem caused by this type of celebration is that it is very loud and lasts so long that it drowns out the announcement of the name of the next graduate. This celebratory style adds a circus like atmosphere to an event that many (mostly white) parents wish to be less raucous. Several people were removed from the event (including entire families) because they celebrated after being warned before the graduation ceremony began that to do so would result in their being escorted from the building. One mother was even arrested for disorderly conduct….

One obvious solution would be to have a white graduation and a separate black graduation (better yet, separate high schools). If separate graduation ceremonies were held, would this woman have been arrested? She probably would not have been arrested because few if any black parents would have complained…. Very few white people enjoy this type of excessive celebration, whether it be by black players in sporting events, or by the parents at graduation ceremonies. Many black people see these celebrations as a natural part of the … event. Neither whites nor blacks are wrong in this instance; only different.

See the rest of the blog entry, and the accompanying video.

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Paul K. writes:

I can attest to Thor Christopher’s point. My older daughter attended a local arts-oriented high school, with a student body that was about 50-percent low-income black. I have not been subjected to the volume of sound generated by the black families at her graduation since I last attended a rock concert in my twenties. If you were standing within five or six yards of relatives of someone receiving his or her diploma, the bellowing was deafening—I had not imagined that humans were capable of generating such volume. To make certain they left everyone’s ears ringing, they accompanied themselves with blasts from portable air horns.

Some people might think I’m being cranky and that this sounds fun and high-spirited. Believe me, it was not; it was extremely unpleasant. I felt that I was in the company of people who had a completely different idea of how to comport themselves at such an event.

There is one other incident that struck me while my daughter attended that school. My daughter participated in a poetry reading. While the poems written by the white students were inspired by a wide range of subjects, the poems written by the black students were invariably about race and racism.

LA replies:

How did other white parents and students react to the black cacophony, if they did at all?

Paul K. replies:

We were covering our ears when the din was emanating nearby, as were other white families. Of course, it would have been useless to ask the black families to quiet down, as they feel this is an appropriate way to celebrate. Black families didn’t seem to be annoyed by the noise created by others.

Randy B. writes:

I have now read two follow-on posts from other parents who were in attendance at the Florence, South Carolina high school graduation, and in both cases the posting parents described the scenes as chaotic. The females were dancing in front of and on their seats, screaming, and flailing their arms like they were throwing softballs at the commencement platform.

Social decorum has broken down amongst blacks when interacting with people of other races, and not only here in America. Last week I watched a video of a young black man jumping around on a Japanese train, swinging from the celling mounted hand rails, and bouncing/pulsing his crotch in the faces of the Japanese train riders. Of course his buddies were filming this repugnant behavior and egging him on with laughter and chants.

The division between blacks and just about every other race (with the possible exception of blonde freshmen white girls) seems to be at an all-time high. I travel a good bit and end up in areas I personally would never take my family, and the repulsive influence seems to almost universally black. There are areas in southern California where there are large Mexican populations, and although they peacock as horribly dangerous [?], you can pass almost unabated. I make special trips up from Palo Alto to Chinatown in SF, and have never had a problem. I have been in majority Jewish communities in NYC and no problems. There are entire communities of East Indians in Freemont, CA, and you don’t even get a sideways look when eating out or conducting business there. But God forbid you end up on Washington Street in SF, or anywhere north of 110th Street (or north of East 96th Street on the East Side) in Manhattan. At the very least you will be stocked, spit on, if not physically accosted. [LA replies: This is an exaggeration. You can walk safely in Harlem. 125th Street is calm and sedate. Blacks in Manhattan are not as wild and uncontrolled as in other cities around the country. ]

Racism is alive and well in the U.S., but it does not lay in or originate in the court of white people. The hate is alive and promoted within the black community, and the hate does not stop with white people, but is almost as bad when you discuss Mexican/Latin Americans, Chinese, and more recently Indians.

The only reason black people have all of the protections and privileges they do today is due to the Christian charity and inclusion as promoted by white people in America for 200 years (yes since before slavery). One of the problems is when you give someone everything, they blame you when you don’t give them more, or give them all that you have.

Racism in America is black, and we need to start facing this reality.

Sent June 6, posted June 12

Jerry Z. writes:

It is quite likely that racial animosity may be motivating blacks at predominantly white events for which decorum is called, such as that in Thor Christopher’s piece. Blacks do carry a large chip on their shoulder when around whites anyway since they believe whites are secretly antagonistic to them and harbor a deep animosity toward all blacks. They really wish to do harm, to unsettle the whites around them, something I’ve seen many times. They disturb the event itself for which they have little respect outside of their narrow role in the process.

Among themselves, of course, blacks are very noisy anyway, quarrelsome and loud with little regard for even those blacks around them who may be disturbed—if that is possible. Black religious gatherings seem to be very loud with little regard for the solemnity of the event, if that is a consideration. However, placed amidst whites who they know quite well—or why incite them—have different standards, they will not restrain themselves: again, the anti-white hatred screaming (literally) out.

Based on Paul Kersey’s writings on Atlanta, blacks have been working diligently to self-segregate themselves into communities of people who are “just like us” anyway, not to mention the comfort they find in black-only schools in all-black cities. Separating whites from black school children would be welcomed by everyone. But it is doubtful that blacks could relent. It would undermine their societal bludgeon against whites and undermine their sense of entitlement—after all it is whites who are keeping blacks out, not their own deepest wish to keep whites out.

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