Are more whites seeing and speaking the truth about black violence?

James N. writes:

While we don’t know and may never know if it was a “good shoot” or not, I feel that we’re on the verge of an important conceptual breakthrough as the facts reveal themselves in the Martin-Zimmerman case. Two of the most important facts are the reactions of blacks and the reactions of whites.

Blacks, even though whites in communities like Sanford are under perpetual threat from blacks and are frequently victimized by blacks, are sure the shooter was wrong. This tells us that blacks want every white to be judged as a representative and embodiment of every bad thing that has ever been done by any white to any black, for all of history. It also tells us that blacks do not want the same treatment to be meted out to them, but rather expect whites not to have any anticipatory reactions to blacks, whatever blacks have done to whites in the past.

The usual white liberal reactions are as expected. How disappointing that Santorum took up the liberal line. At the same time, many whites have responded, not with guilt and shame, but with a realistic appreciation of the plague that young black males in hoodies have visited on them, their families, and their communities. This is progress.

The diversity of white reaction to this event gives me hope that people may be waking up. Maybe there are more Who Can See (bow to Paul Kersey) than I have thought.

LA replies:

I would put it this way. As revealed in the Martin-Zimmerman affair, the view of blacks and of their white liberal facilitators is that threatening black behavior does not exist. It is a lie invented by white racism. A white person (or, as in this case, a symbolic white person) who notices and takes action with regard to a potentially dangerous black (Zimmerman said Martin looked drugged out) is not acting on the basis of sincerely believed though incorrect stereotypes about blacks; he is acting out the simple, brutal, white racist desire to kill blacks. The massive reality of black criminality, and particularly of racially motivated, black-on-white violence, has thus been wiped out. Any professed white fear of black crime is a transparent lie conjured by white racists to justify killing blacks.

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