Something New, cont.

Kathlene M. sends excerpts from an opinion piece by Paul Hair in The Daily Caller. As I said last night, the left has now gone so far in is mad hatred of conservatives and its aim of silencing them, that it has finally woken up some conservatives to this truth, and to conservatives’ so far passive and inadequate response to the left’s hatred.

Paul Hair writes:

[I]t should be clear now that the differences between the left and right are irreconcilable….

If the response to Loughner’s bloodbath is the kind of two-minute hate that the left drums up against the right when a leftist goes on a murderous rampage, what is going to happen once someone who truly can be identified with the right actually does do something violent that captures national attention? The answer is that the left will set in motion the process of complete criminalization of any opposition to the left.

These critical points combine to underscore the absolute danger that faces our nation. The mainstream left has become so insane that it now can have one of its own go on a murderous rampage, then shamelessly blame the right for it in the face of overwhelming evidence, and then use that obvious lie to call for an end to any opposition to leftism. The left is so far gone that it is even willing to outright make up “hate” in order to “prove” how bad the right is. This is frightening stuff….

And so, since we no longer live in a civilized society, those who still care can no longer be satisfied with noting that Loughner is merely crazy and move on their way…. The right no longer has the luxury to deny this or to issue calls to “be bigger than they are.”

The right, if it seeks continued survival, needs to break out of its brainwashed, subservient state. Mark Durie said the following about the wars against Islamic jihadists, but I think his words apply to the left’s war against the right as well:

… This is an excellent illustration of World View Subversion. When your adversary has conditioned you to think his thoughts, and articulate his wishes, your battle is already half lost …

Indeed, conservatives think their adversaries’ thoughts and accept their premises. The right reflexively defends its own existence instead of going on the offensive and attacking the left—even when leftists are so clearly in the wrong.

The failure to admit that the left is irrational and beyond debate has been a disaster and it will become even worse if the right doesn’t wake up now. So perhaps the right should follow the president’s advice and come together following Loughner’s horrible crime. And if conservatives do come together, let them do so with the goal of eliminating leftism (legally and non-violently, of course)—a vile ideology that has plagued this nation for far too long. Now is no time for the right to “dial down the rhetoric.” No, instead it is time to dial it up. The left must be confronted and its war to destroy its enemies defeated. It’s the only way to stop the Party of Hate.

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