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Rick Darby at Reflecting Light disagrees with me on Ann Coulter’s book cover, and I reply.

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Gintas writes:

Rick Darby doesn’t like you going after Coulter, because she has a different “style.” Indeed! I guess some guys like the “aging ho” look, some us of don’t. It’s just a matter of taste, and all tastes are equal, right?

Alex K. writes:

On the question, “Can Coulter dress like that and still be a conservative?”, never mind that—can she be a Deadhead and still be conservative? Are you (with your praise of the Beatles) and Coulter (with her affection for the Dead) going to have to ally against the anti-rock faction of traditionalists?

Here’s Coulter in an interview:

“My collection of Dead tapes, by the way, was the reason I heard one of the Linda Tripp tapes before Ken Starr did. Tripp’s lawyer obviously needed to hear the tape before turning it over to the prosecutor, but he only had an old 1950’s tape player and couldn’t get it to work and Ken Starr wanted the tape the next morning. He was terrified he’d hit the wrong button and erase the evidence. In the wee hours of the morning, it occurred him, a Deadhead himself, that he knew one person in D.C. who definitely had a tape machine. So, at around 2 AM, he called me and asked to come over to use my tape deck.”

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