The coming loss of power of the PC coalition

Below is a slightly edited version of a comment that Jeff W. sent to Steve Sailer and forwarded to me, presenting his analysis of the current political situation. Jeff W. writes:

The political coalition that enforces PC is going to lose Congress next Tuesday. They will still control the federal executive branch, the schools, the mainstream media, the bureaucracy, the U.S. Catholic hierarchy and the leadership of mainline Protestant denominations, and the courts. As long as they control the courts, PC will be enforced.

Major elements in the coalition are these: elite whites, Jews, blacks, other minorities, teachers and other government employees, labor union members, homosexuals, feminists, the poor, and ideological leftists. Together these groups make up 40 to 45 percent of the electorate. Their financial muscle comes from government employee unions and from banks who profit from buying and selling government debt and who receive the proceeds from currency debasement.

What this coalition has lost in the last two years is its vaunted rainmaker status. In 2008 they claimed that they knew how to fix the economy. Events have proven them wrong. Americans will accept a lot of nonsense from these people if they truly know how to produce prosperity. But now that everyone knows that that they are phony rainmakers, a majority of Americans want them tarred and feathered and ridden out of town on a rail.

What does the future hold for this coalition? It is not good. They will likely lose the presidency in 2012. With each passing year, there will be fewer government employees; America can no longer afford them. Labor unions operating in the private sector continue inexorably to decline. Jews are a small demographic and getting smaller.

With open immigration, this coalition can possibly hang on to power. If borders are closed, their prospects are dim. Thus they will fight with every weapon they have to maintain an open borders immigration policy.

Thus my answer to the question, “Will PC continue to be enforced in the U.S.?” is another question: Will the U.S. continue to have open borders?

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