It’s looking very bad.

The Democrats are apparently going to go for cloture on the health care bill tomorrow, Saturday. Voting to change the country on a Saturday. That shows how much respect they have for the country they want to transform. I’ve heard that Senators Ben Nelson and Mary Landrieu have dropped their previous objections and agreed to vote for cloture. I never had any hope that they would actually hold out. Landrieu wasn’t opposed to the bill, she just wanted some special deal for Louisiana, and she got it.

What about Blanche Lincoln? What about Lieberman? Will Lieberman really be willing to go down as the man who stopped American Liberalism from reaching its ultimate fulfillment? I have no confidence in that at all. It is looking bad.

I’ve been unable to reach my own senators, Charles Schumer and his creature, Kirsten Gillibrand.

* * *

Here’s a story posted today in’s Must Reads, though published yesterday which says Nelson, Landrieu, and Lincoln are still holdouts. That is no longer true. It says the Democratic conference includes 60 senators and all 60 must vote for cloture to overcome a unanimous Republican opposition. So Olympia Snowe, to my surprise, has held out, at least as of yesterday. But the 60-member Democratic conference includes Lieberman, though he was elected as an independent, and the story doesn’t mention him.

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Terry Morris writes:

It’s time to start contacting State level legislators and ask them to craft nullification bills of their own. Whether this ‘health care’ bill passes or not.

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