Arizona filling the breach left by Tancredo?

A. Zarkov writes:

While I like Tom Tancredo, and appreciate all he has done to call attention to our immigration problems, he failed us in the 2008 presidential campaign. During the nationally televised debates, he had his big chance to challenge Mr. Open Borders, John McCain, and call attention to this issue. He didn’t. He was so timid, the immigration issue quickly fell into the background, and got virtually zero attention in the campaign. No doubt he would have brought a firestorm of criticism on himself, but he had no chance of winning the nomination anyway.

Now the Arizona legislature and governor Jan Brewer have done what Tancredo couldn’t or wouldn’t do—create a national debate on illegal immigration and what to do about it. Now at last we have the firestorm. The mayor of San Francisco has gone nuts in public. The California legislature has likewise gone nuts, and wants to forbid travel by state employees to Arizona. [LA replies: Another sign of incipient division of the U.S. into two countries.] All this when the state is headed towards fiscal disaster. Even the normally uninvolved, poorly educated and outright dumb Californians will see how dysfunctional their state has become under our long-lasting liberal regime. The major of New York City, Michael Bloomberg, also appears to have lost control of himself by making ridiculous statements in public showing the he’s confused between legal and illegal immigration.

Behold, the nut bombs are exploding all over America, demonstrating to the public that our liberal politicians are both insane and uninformed about immigration. The voters know full well we have a serious problem with the illegals, and let’s hope they will express their frustration in November.

According to Rasmussen, Arizona governor Jan Brewer has gotten a significant bounce in her approval by signing the legislation. She went from 40 percent to 60 percent. Even if the courts overturn the new legislation, Arizona will have accomplished a lot. Arizona should give Republicans the courage to run against amnesty and for immigration law enforcement. We can now discuss what was previously un-discussable. The more the race hustlers like Sharpton, Jackson, and Obama explode, the more progress we will make on immigration—the most important issue of them all. Perhaps the public will eventualyl see that Obama is really a Sharpton in a more expensive suit.

The author of the Path to National Suicide should be smiling.

Posted by Lawrence Auster at April 30, 2010 07:57 PM | Send

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