Frum’s reversal on Miers

David Frum certainly owes the public an explanation why, after having eagerly touted a possible Harriet Miers nomination in July, he did a complete about-face and became her most vocal opponent.

Two objections came in simultaneously to the above:

Reader one: “I’m no Frum fan. Still, that first post strikes me as handicapping, not endorsement. Looked at that way, pretty prescient.”

Reader two: “In defense of David Frum, Lawrence, I did not take his statement on Miers from July as support, but prognostication, or a handicapping of who Bush could nominate.”

I initally had the same thought as the readers, based on the Frum quote presented at today. However, when I read the original Frum article from which that quote comes, I saw that he was not handicapping, he was approving a good possible nominee. There is no hint of, “This would be a smart political choice from the point of view of getting the nominee confirmed, but a terrible choice for America.”

Posted by Lawrence Auster at October 17, 2005 04:35 PM | Send

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