The conservative establishment’s inadequate criticism of Obama’s “enemies” remark

Paul K. writes:

You wrote:

Obama’s remark to Hispanics the other week that they should view people who oppose the legalization of illegal aliens (i.e., virtually all Republicans) as their “enemies” whom they must “punish” was one of the most offensive and inappropriate statements ever made by a U.S. president.

In listening to Fox News a great deal in the past week, I notice that they never put Obama’s statement in its proper context, as you have, that President Obama is urging Hispanics (read “Mexicans”) to regard Republicans as their enemies. They merely take him to task for his incivility in referring to political opponents as enemies, leaving out the racially incendiary aspect of it. The Fox crowd are so in thrall to the Rovian idea that Republicans must reach out to Hispanic voters that they wouldn’t dare confront this topic honestly.

By the way, Bill O’Reilly has been blaming Sharron Angle’s defeat on her strong stance against illegal immigration, which he felt “demonized” Hispanics. His guest tonight, Laura Ingraham, had to remind him that Angle’s stance reflects that of the vast majority of the American public.

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