Jared Taylor and American Renaissance

This is a collection of VFR’s entries on Jared Taylor.

Donahue vs. Taylor, Part II [Thrilla in Manilla. Jared Taylor as Phil Donahue’s single guest for an entire hour. Feb. 2003.]

Controversy over the 2006 AR conference

Jared Taylor’s refusal to condemn anti-Semitism [This is the culminating entry on the AR conference and its aftermath.]

The Dar al-Whiterness

The world-bending pathology of the anti-Semites

Figuring out the anti-Semites

The American Renaissance anti-Semite saga continues

Anti-Semites: the evil and stupid party

Do I have a double standard on Jews and blacks?

Anti-Semite: Wishing the death of Israel is merely “putting America first” [I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: the hard-core Israel haters and anti-Semites are the scum of the earth. There could arise an American version of Nick Griffin, a former serious anti-Semite who has seriously (not cosmetically) criticized anti-Semitism, removed anti-Semitism from his party platform, and driven unregenerate Nazis and anti-Semites out of his party. But one thing is sadly and definitively clear. Jared Taylor, the guy who just can’t say no (to a Nazi), the guy who in his article about the anti-Semitic doings at his February conference did not even mention the shocking applause for the prospective murder of a fellow Western nation, let alone object to it, is not that man.]

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