Open war on whites in Oregon park

Another important story from Cicero at The Big Lie on Parade, posted yesterday:

Like the barbarians at the gates of Rome a group of up to 150 blacks invaded a beautiful picturesque park in Portland, Oregon over the weekend. A park where people play tennis and soccer and white folks abound with baby strollers. A fourteen year old white boy was badly beaten by 5-10 blacks and said that the mob was deliberately targeting white teenagers. Three other men in their 20s who were playing “Soccer Tennis” were attacked by 20—30 blacks. Why is this not front page news!? But as if right on cue the liberal white apologists come out of the woodwork softening the blow. Including one of the victims! Just bored teens out on a lark after getting out of school for the summer. Nothing to see here, move along. Someone will be by shortly to clean up the blood stains. They may not believe in the Intifada, but the Intifada believes in them.

Also, notice how the narrative in the video being given over and over again is that the park (or parks in general) are inherently dangerous after dark. As if the mere absence of light somehow mysteriously makes this chuck of land unsafe. The other inference is that the presence of wilding black mobs (which is left unsaid) is somehow just a natural phenomenon that no one can do anything about. Forever and ever. We as a society are simply unable to do anything about it. You might as well ask the sun to stop shining. So depriving oneself of the freedom to take a nice summer evening stroll with your wife, girlfriend or friend through the park is just something you have to give up. Period. I suppose one day home invasions will be so commonplace that it is just a natural given that no one can do anything about it. Just don’t buy anything ever again, leave your doors unlocked and hope for the best.

LA replies:

“Out on a lark.” “Just having fun.” This is the liberals’ latest verbal trick by which they seek to cancel out the reality of black-on-white attacks. The idea is that since the blacks are “just having fun,” their attacks on whites are not motivated by animus or hatred, and therefore there’s nothing wrong. Perhaps a reader could subject this vile verbal trickery to a VFR-type analysis. I’m too disgusted to get into it at the moment.

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