More polling dynamite in New York—this time in the Gillibrand vs. DioGuardi Senate race

SurveyUSA, in a poll of likely voters (not of registered voters, but of likely voters, which is a far more significant index), shows Sen. Kirsten “Tweetybird” Gillibrand, appointed to the U.S. Senate two years ago for the sole purpose of being Sen. Charles Schumer’s pet canary, in a virtual dead head with former Republican congressmen Joseph DioGuardi. She’s ahead 45 to 44 percent. I don’t know anything about DioGuardi, but I’d vote for a blue dog, a yellow dog, a dog of any color against Gillibrand.

Why do I care so much? Because only a huge Republican victory in 2010 and a further Republican victory in 2012 can lead to the repeal of Obamacare, upon which hinges the survival of our country as a free country.

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September 24

Andrea C. writes:

I just heard Joseph DioGuardi for the first time on Sean Hannity’s radio program yesterday. He sounds great. (His New York Italian accent doesn’t hurt either, but I digress.) The big surprise about him is that he got on the Republican primary ballot by petition, so he literally came out of nowhere by the support of the people. He was a New York Congressman for two terms in the 1980s.

In the interview DioGuardi is asked about funding. He gives the answer—about how this election is not about the same old same old, this time the people are driving the campaigns.

Before he came on the radio show, Hannity was talking to Dick Morris who believes that the Republicans are on track to pick up between 12 and 15 Senate seats. He went race by race and explained why. It was a shot in the arm to say the least—I hope he is right.

Plus, Morris on Hannity’s TV show last night explained how Gillibrand and Cuomo are both hurt by their involvement in the subprime meltdown.

Paul Nachman writes:

Is calling Gillibrand “Tweetybird” your invention? Yes, I do remember the cartoon character …

LA replies:

It’s the New York Post editorial page’s invention. They have called her that constantly. And she deserves it. From the moment she was appointed and instantly switched her position from anti-homosexual “marriage” to pro, and then a few days later switched her position from anti-illegal immigration to pro, she has made it clear that she is nothing but Schumer’s pet, and completely unembarrassed to be seen as such. The Post also calls her Schumer’s “sock puppet.” The idea is that Schumer, though he was the senior senator from New York, was eclipsed by Hillary for eight years, so when she left, he wanted to be sure that he would be completely in charge, so he engineered the appointment of a senator who would be entirely under his control.

Here’s the linked item on her immigration switch, from

New York Senator Kirsten Gillibrand Goes Pro-Illegal Alien In One Week [Video]

By / February 5, 2009 02:02 PM

There was buzz throughout the immigration enforcement movement that Hillary Clinton replacement as New York Senator, Kirsten Gillibrand, was in favor of immigration enforcement. There was almost a certain glee that she would be a champion for Americans who are impacted by illegal immigration. I held my voice until I could find out more. Now Gillibrand comes out as the spineless politician you should expect from either party and she does so on Spanish language TV. Within a week of taking the office of Senator—and only a few meetings with racist pro-Hispanic only groups—she has totally changed her tune and come out wholly in favor of illegal aliens.

She blames her previous tough stances on illegal immigration as just being an upstate New York hick who didn’t know any better and now that she has been shown “the light” by city dwelling liberals and Hispanic groups, she fully supports the end to deportations and an end to enforcement of immigration laws.

Simply amazing, but that should not surprise anyone who has kept an eye on our sell-out Senate over the past decade. While the House is little better, the House of Representatives at least pretends to listen to the people. The Senate however has always taken the elitist view that they know better and damn what the American people want and demand.

It comes as no shock to me that Gillibrand would instantly toe the Democrat party line and get in step with them to further her career, even if that means selling out all of her personal beliefs and principals. After all, that is what has made our government so great recently isn’t it? Personal ambition over what is right for the United States.

If you’d like to tell Senator Gillibrand what you think about her you can contact her below.

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