BNP on Israel’s African refugee problem

Ron L. writes:

Israel is dealing with the invasion of Africans by repatriating them and by detaining others. Sadly, leftists and the fools at the BNP are calling the detainment centers “concentration camps.”

When I say “fools”, I mean it. They changed the word internment camp to concentration camp, just for incitement.

LA replies:

That’s very bad, and suggests a possible weakening in BNP’s pro-Israel stand. At the same time, the BNP article is making a good point. If it’s ok for Israelis to worry about keeping Israel Jewish, why is it evil for the BNP to worry about keeping Britain British?

However, I notice in the article that while the BNP supports Israel’s right to exist as a Jewish state, it also supports the creation of a Palestinian state via the absurdity of the “two state solution.” It’s disturbing to see the BNP following conventional left-liberal thinking on this issue. How can the ethno-nationalist thinkers at BNP imagine for a single instant that two sovereign and mutually incompatible ethno-states, one of which would be devoted to the destruction of the other, could co-exist on that tiny land? Also, don’t the BNP’ers understand that there is already a Palestinian state, and that its name is Jordan?

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John McNeil writes:

I really enjoyed one comment on the BNP article that pointed out that if Israel must accept a two-state solution, then so should Britain as the Muslim population continues to grow and mass repatriation becomes more unfeasible. While the usage of the term “concentration camp” saddens me, I’m still glad that the BNP is refusing to dive into the level of stupidity found within the American hard-right. I’m also encouraged that there are other commentators speaking up for Israel and challenging the usual suspects who wish to bring the BNP back to the bad old days. Let’s hope that new members continue to dilute the old-school anti-Semitism found amongst remnants of the BNP’s more extreme wing.

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