How the Dems destroyed themselves

I agree with Noemie Emery’s article, “Perhaps Democrats regret using strong-arm tactics,” in which she argues that the Democrats doomed themselves when they forced the passage of the health care bill last March against the public’s wishes and against the normal legislative rules.

It’s worth recalling the amazing “counterrevolution” that occurred in the two months following Scott Brown’s revolutionary election last January 19. For the next six or so weeks at this site (see archive page for period between Week of January 24, 2010 and Week of March 21, 2010), I assiduously followed the Democrats’ numerous remarks on the prospects of their reviving and passing the health care bill, and I repeatedly came to the conclusion that notwithstanding Dems’ repeated statements that they had figured out a way of moving forward, other statements by Democrats indicated that they had no way of moving forward, and therefore the bill was dead. But my conclusion (shared by most people on the right) turned out to be horribly wrong, because the Democrats ended up doing something unprecedented in historical memory and not predicted by anyone: they moved to pass the bill despite the fact that the country opposed it and they did so by means of gross legislative trickery never used before on a bill of this importance.

The adamantine spirit that drove the Democrats to spit in the country’s face was seen in a photo of Majority Leader Harry Reid that I posted on March 10 with the caption shown below:

This is the face of a man who has given up all hope of the good,
a man who has said, “Evil, be thou my good.”

When they chose to ram through Obamacare at all costs, against the will of the country, against the rules, the Democrats (confirming my long-time view of them as a party with a criminal mind, mens rea) consciously chose evil, consciously chose to stand against the country they represented. And now, as we all devoutly hope, they are about to pay the price for that wicked choice.

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