Will Obama unjump the shark?

I saw a commenter at Lucianne.com say that Obama is going to address the nation at 10:30 tonight about the Nobel Peace Prize. This gives me a thought. The only way he can come out of this situation not looking ridiculous is to reject the Prize. He could say something like this:

I am deeply grateful to the Nobel Committee for the high honor they wish to bestow upon me. But, as the Committee said in their press release, they are giving the award more as an expression of hope that I may help achieve world peace than as a recognition for any actual achievement of mine in that area. I have only been in office eight months. I have not secured any concrete achievements that would deserve this award. Therefore I must respectfully turn it down.

The world will be impressed by him. He will look like a serious man rather than a ludicrous egotist—which he will look like if he accepts the award.

I think that there is a fair chance that he will turn it down. Indeed, he must. Otherwise the world will write him down as a fool—and as a tool of the Nobel Committee, which is clearly seeking to control him by awarding him in advance for the course of conduct they want him to pursue.

Consider this comment, from the same Lucianne thread:

Reply 26—Posted by: Safari Man, 10/9/2009 9:22:59 AM (No. 5931034)

I suspect the folks on our side will have the last laugh about this. Obama’s winning the Nobel price for Jack and Squat just fortifies our claim that he got the presidency for doing even less than Jack and Squat. Now people who thought we were being petty will see what we’ve been saying all along. This “prize” will serve to undermine Obama’s legitimacy as president because people will accord the same respect for his win in Nov 08 as they will for this Nobel prize win.

The thread itself links to a good article about the Nobel Prize and Obama by Michael Binyon in the Times of London.

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