Community-minded man turned into the hate-object of the entire nation

Here’s the best summing up I’ve seen of what George Zimmerman is going through at the hands of liberal America, from VFR reader Rob S.:

It’s easy to imagine why Zimmerman would be in shock. The man knows he is a Boy Scout. (You may consider this to be unproved, but he knows it.) He is exemplary. He tutors children, goes door to door campaigning for justice (real justice, not social justice) for a homeless man, works many unpaid hours guarding his neighbors against criminals. He is a community spirited man and not any kind of racist. Suddenly his life gets turned upside down and he is the official hate object of the entire nation. He is the evilest man in America. He is so evil that thinly veiled calls for his lynching are printed in respectable newspapers.

Posted by Lawrence Auster at April 11, 2012 10:58 PM | Send

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