Katrina, with a Democrat in office

An obvious point, which I’m sure many conservative commentators have already made: if the human disaster that has been happening in New Jersey, Staten Island, Brooklyn, Queens, and the south shore of Long Island over the last few days were happening under a Republican president, there would be a non-stop, radioactive explosion of denunciation of him across the country for having left those people in misery, cold, hunger, and desperation. Instead, because the president is a Democrat and a nonwhite, there is virtual silence.

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Dale F. writes:

Yes, Rush made exactly this point on Friday. But he carried it further.

Bloomberg, Obama, and all the rest of the suddenly solicitous are ardent believers in global warming. They all believe that sea levels will rise catastrophically. What had any of them done to prevent or at least to reduce the impact of flooding in vulnerable coastal areas? Nothing. As always with liberals, it was sufficient to believe and to say the right things without actually troubling to do anything about the coming crisis.

LA replies:

I don’t know that I agree. They have of course supported the cap and trade policy which is supposedly intended to reduce global warming (actually it’s just intended to transfer wealth from wealth producers to the friends of liberal politicians and cripple the West’s economy), but the proposal has had insufficient political support. Now that this ruinous storm has occurred, they think they can increase the support for it.

November 5

BD writes:

So true. Of course, in the eyes of the MSM, the Katrina results could be entirely blamed on Bush. Louisiana governor Kathleen Blanco and New Orleans mayor Ray Nagin (both Democrats) were blameless.

But imagine what else we’d be hearing if the current occupant of the White House were a Republican. The deteriorating economic situation of the African-American community would be evidence of racial insensitivity if not outright racism. The rising Dow Jones average and corporate profits in the face of lousy job creation and high unemployment would be seen as indicating the president’s close affinity for Wall Street and lack of concern for the plight of ordinary Americans. Of course, the complete collapse of American foreign policy would be attributed to the president’s inexperience in this area. And the bankruptcy of companies such as Solyndra and A123, which received heavy government subsidies, would be proof that the president was using taxpayer dollars to reward campaign donors and supporters. Also, imagine if a Republican attorney general were cited for contempt for refusing to turn over documents that might contain evidence of wrongdoing to a Democrat-controlled House committee.

Randy writes:

Katrina was yet another sad commentary on 400 years of slavery and racism and a lack of white compassion for helpless blacks. Middle class whites now get a taste of their own “racist” medine. They can and should take care of themselves and not depend on the government. The purpose of our government is to help poor black and Hispanic people to overcome the legacy of black slavery and more recent black and Hispanic racism. It is so clear when you remove the fog of prejudice.

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