The latest brilliant liberal Jewish idea

Joseph L. writes:

A book by Bernard Avishai, “The Hebrew Republic: How Secular Democracy and Global Enterprise Will Bring Israel Peace at Last,” is reviewed in the New York Times.

The answer, Avishai says, in this brilliantly argued book, is not to tinker with symbols but to develop a national consciousness and identity based not on religion, but simply on being Israeli—to remove all privileges accorded to Jews and make Israel a modern, egalitarian democracy. If all Israeli citizens were simply Israelis, rather than Jews, Muslims or Christians, there would be no “demographic threat” to the state’s continuation.

Brilliant is understating it! An existential threat to Israel is eliminated with the stroke of a pen. With the entire population become simply “Israeli,” Israel is safe by definition!

LA replies:

There’s no end to the idiocy of liberals. He’s not aware that Arab members of the Knesset openly side with terrorists—and with complete impunity? He’s not aware that many or most of the one millions Arab “Israelis” openly side with the Arabs who seek Israel’s destruction?

In contrast to Avishai’s insane idea, there is the sane proposal of Arieh Eldad to require all Israeli Arabs to take a pledge of loyalty to the state of Israel in order to continue to enjoy political rights in that country.

The only group more out of touch with reality than liberal Jews are the white nationalist anti-Semites, who, following the theories of Kevin MacDonald, believe that the Jews are compelled by Darwinian evolutionary forces to destroy white gentile societies so as to advance their own power. These anti-Semitic idiots haven’t noticed that something like half the Jews of Israel (not to mention most Jews in the U.S.) support policies leading to the destruction of the Jewish state. How does THAT fit into the MacDonald thesis of merciless Jewish evolutionary competition against non-Jews?

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Mike Berman writes:

Given that the black intermarriage rate is seven percent, and the Jewish intermarriage rate is 52 per cent (a majority), wouldn’t blacks make a better model for MacDonald’s theories of merciless evolutionary competition?

LA replies:

Mr. Berman cretainly makes a good point.

Also, I note that he has posted the initial blog entry above at a Steve Sailer thread on Kevin MacDonald. So far there’s been no response. But to quote Bob Dylan, “Oh, Jokerman, you don’t show any response.”

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