A black woman named “Eloi” enters a Muslim school carrying a sword

It’s a bizarre story, its strangeness topped off by the woman’s surname. Forty-seven-year-old Dominique Vianneyte Eloi—who is evidently a U.S. citizen or at least a legal U.S. resident since she has an Arizona driver’s license—walked into the campus of a Muslim mosque and school in Orlando, Florida carrying a two foot long sword. After she was arrested she pretended not to know English, saying to the officer detaining her, “Sprechen sie Deutsch?” Later she was heard speaking fluent English. She also refused to cooperate with the police, so that there is no mug shot of her, only the photograph in the New York Daily News. Authorities have no idea why she did it.

The reader who sent me the story said, “I think only someone with your particular acumen could make sense of this.” I don’t think it’s possible to make sense of it, other than that this was simply the behavior of a crazy black person of the type that you see every day on the streets, on TV talking heads programs, and in the well of the House of Representatives.

By the way, black people are (or at least they used to be, before they got super-entitled) far more realistic and honest about the common black psychopathology than whites are. In the words of the 1976 Bob Dylan / Jacques Levy song “Hurricane”:

To the black folks he was just a crazy nigger
No one doubted that he pulled the trigger.

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