Does the new policy of inclusion include the transgendered?

(Update, Dec. 30: the answer is, apparently not.)

Doug H. writes:

All the talk of gays in the military reminds me of a sad but humorous story of a gay civil service employee on Eglin AFB. He came to work wearing the most outlandish suits, usually of purples, greens and yellows. The commander told him to quit or dress appropriately to the work environment. But then the employee found out there was no dress code. From then on, he dressed as a woman. The commander was powerless to do anything. He scared my new lieutenant one evening when he showed up in the restroom as a woman. The lieutenant thought he, himself, had mistakenly gone into the lady’s restroom. The man also showed up at a major conference. I had never met him. In walked what I thought was the ugliest woman I had ever seen. When we all had to introduce ourselves, heads snapped around as he proudly announced his name was Steve.

That makes me wonder how the military will enforce a dress code now that homosexuality has been officially accepted. Will the men say they feel like women so they can grow their hair long?

The world is going insane. Just 20 years ago, a base commander announced a policy forbidding men from wearing ear rings. My, how far backwards we have gone.

LA replies:

There’s an aspect of this I’ve seen references to, but have not read in detail. Apparently it is not just homosexuality that is now officially accepted in the military, but the entire package of (I forget the exact initials and am half-guessing) GLBT—gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgendered. If this is true, then the military has now officially accepted both cross-dressing individuals, such as you describe above, and transgendered individuals—meaning people who have had surgical operations to remove their genital organs and replace them with artificially constructed genital organs of the opposite sex, along with hormone treatments to make their secondary sex characteristics more like those of the sex they want to become. Meaning that the U.S. military has now officially turned itself into an extreme freak show.

Does anyone know if the new policy does in fact include the “transgendered”?

December 31

James from upstate New York writes:

The answer appears to be: not yet.

LA replies:

According to the article James sent, the new law does not deal with transgendered people and they are still officially excluded from the military.

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