Mail reports the truth about Obama’s missing birth information, then covers it up

An article in the Mail repeats the revelatory remarks from Gov. Neil Abercrombie’s interview with the Hawaii Star-Advertiser several days ago, which Jerome Corsi discussed at length at WND and I discussed here, here, here, and here.

The article, written by “Daily Mail Reporter,” is embarrassingly incoherent. It starts off stating truthfully that Abercrombie can’t find the long form birth certificate, but then it suddenly turns and focuses on the nutty alternative theories of the nuttier sorts of birthers, as though they were the problem, not acknowledging the obvious point that if the governor of Hawaii can’t find Obama’s birth certificate in Hawaii’s state records, the birthers are right in their central assertion.

I despise such intellectual laziness and dishonesty. It deserves its own place in hell. It will be called the Circle of Lying Journalists, or perhaps the Circle of British Journalists, because Britain was the birthplace of such journalism, and because the circle will be so disproportionately populated by Brits and others Anglospherites, chiefly Australians. What will their punishment be? They will have feces-filled liquid poured into their mouth for eternity, because that is what, through their lying and false and lazy journalism, they do every day to the reading public.

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N., who sent the item, replies to LA’s reply to him:

“This article is only repeating the interview Hippie Neil gave to the Star-Advertiser several says ago, which Corsi discussed and I discussed.”

True, however there are two significant details:

1. This is a UK paper, so it’s no longer just a Hawaii Star- Advertiser / World Net Daily story any more. Many people won’t take WND seriously for various reasons, and a local-yokel papers often is dismissed. A national journal like the Daily Mail gets more attention.

2. This ostensibly contains some sort of “update” as of 20 January, darned if I can find it, but the very fact that it’s “updated” implies people are continuing to look at this situation. [LA replies: “Update” means nothing. It means any change in the article, even a change in punctuation. But it’s infuriating that the Mail gives the date of the last “update,” but not the date of original publication.]

Both points imply this is not, repeat, not going away. That’s a surprise to me, I fully expected this to be totally spiked by now. And it’s all because, as you so aptly refer to him, “Hippie Neil” didn’t know when to shut up. Now he can’t, it’s become international news.

“The article is embarrassingly incoherent. It starts off saying that he can’t find the birth certificate, then it focuses on the discredited theories of the birthers, not acknowledging that if Neil can’t find the birth certificate, the birthers are right. I despise such intellectual laziness. It deserves its own place in hell.”

I speculate that the writer was in a difficult position, basically required to scoff at the birthers while, er, uh, ahem, reporting on facts that actually support their basic position. Perhaps that explains some of the incoherence. Or perhaps it’s just a modern “news” story written by a modern, marginally literate reporter.

Really, this is a most astounding and amusing situation that “Hippie Neil” has put himself into, no doubt in utter innocence of what he was doing. [LA replies: Agreed. As I noted the other day, he himself went dead silent as of December 29-30th about his effort, announced by himself, to uncover the truth of Obama’s birth and discredit the birthers. But having opened the subject so dramatically, he couldn’t refuse to reply when the Star-Advertiser asked him how the effort was going. He had to say something. Still, I think he will strive henceforth to remain silent about the subject. Perhaps if he gives any interviews he will require the reporter beforehand not to ask him about the Obama birth issue.]

LA writes:

The Mail article has been linked at’s Must Reads, so at last this development wilil get large attention among conservatives.

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