The international community has stripped off its mask

To re-phrase slightly what I said last week (“Not a fiasco, but a victory”), the “peace flotilla” affair is not a fiasco for Israel, it is a fiasco for Israel’s critics, because they have now shown with undeniable clarity where they are really coming from: they don’t want Israel to defend itself, period. With previous incidents of worldwide condemnation of Israel for its military actions, there was always something done by Israel that could be plausibly described as an excess—the civilian deaths in the Gaza incursion, for example—on which Israel’s critics could focus and say that it was these excesses, not the act of self-defense itself, that was objectionable. But now Israel’s critics are saying that the mere fact of Israel’s blockade, the least aggressive act of war there is, to prevent Hamas from acquiring weapons is illegitimate—and not only illegitimate, but so dastardly that it justifiably makes Israel an object of disgust to the entire world. In short, Israel is the guiltiest country on earth, for engaging in an ordinary and established practice of war against a group, Hamas, that is at war with it. In short, Israel is the guiltiest nation on earth, for defending itself from its enemies. In all of human history, was a nation ever excoriated by the “world community” on such grounds?

Thrilled by the unprecedented worldwide chorus of condemnation of the Jewish State, Israel’s critics think that they have finally got her cornered. In reality, they have cornered themselves. They have revealed the pure evil of their stance toward Israel, and they will never recover from this revelation.

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An Indian living in the West writes:

But which countries will defend Israel? At the moment I don’t see any.

LA replies:

I said that the truth about anti-Israelism has now been incontestably revealed. I did not say that everyone recognizes it yet.

To paraphrase Matthew 13:32, this truth is like a mustard seed, which is the smallest of all seeds, but when it is grown, it is the greatest among plants, and becomes a tree, so that the birds of the air come and lodge in its branches.

Ferg writes:

While I understand what you are saying and why you are saying it, I have come to believe that most of the world is so far gone in hatred of the white race and of Western Civilization that they really do believe that it is immoral for any white people or nation to defend itself from any non white nation or people. I think this applies collectively and individually. Self defense for us is only all right if we are defending ourselves against other whites. Nelson Mandela said it well, “we will bleed the white man dry.” Note the outrage in this country when a white shoots a black or Hispanic in self defense.

It is always called excessive. There is always a candlelight vigil for the poor criminal who assaulted the white. There is always outrage that the nonwhite was killed or injured. There are always calls for punishment of the white. This is I think, the same thing we are witnessing in Israel.

LA replies:

Excellent point. And it’s another index of how lost the supposedly pro-white anti-Israel paleocons are, that they don’t recognize this.

Donald Hank sent this entry to his e-mail list, with this note:

Something is happening in America that is off-limits to conservative and libertarian discussion, and that is the increasing animosity of “conservatives” and others toward Israel. That viewpoint shift poses a threat because the left has also been traditionally anti-Israel, leaving less and less wiggle room for Israel.

I had sent an alert to an article debunking the notion that the peace flotilla actually was peaceful and one person was extremely angry at me and asked me to remove her from my list. Now not being inclined to support Israel is one thing. But refusing to entertain new information that detracts from that view is another.

There are groups that are very well informed about the dangers of One-World Government and I give them credit for it. But at the same time, many of them also have a pronounced anti-Israel attitude that plays into the hands of the Islamists and other anti-Americans.

Regardless of who is right and who is wrong here, they, along with the “progressives,” are helping to open the door to a massive power transfer that threatens our only window of freedom to the Middle East.

If Israel is left to flounder on its own, the unintended consequences may be a lot worse than anyone could imagine.

The notion that there will never be a repeat of the Holocaust may be disproved.

Here is a viewpoint column by Lawrence Auster.

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