The racial realities revealed by the New Orleans disaster

Reading the below commenter’s post at the American Renaissance website, I’m reminded of the ineffably silly point made several times in the mid-1990s by then National Review editor John O’Sullivan, that if America became all black, the country’s culture wouldn’t essentially change, since blacks have the same culture as whites and the differences between blacks and whites are on the order of merely “ethnic” differences as exist among white ethnic groups. Meanwhile, the European press sees the incompetent and worse behaviors of blacks in New Orleans as a manifestation of the racial inequality in America which the U.S. government must fix; by this reasoning, the federal government should be responsible for providing everyone in America with his own car.

The comment from AR is toughly worded, and is too sweeping in its condemnation of blacks as blacks. Many thousands of completely innocent blacks are suffering terribly from this disaster and from the criminality of other blacks. They must be helped. But the poster’s main point is correct. It is solely blacks, not whites, who are engaged in the savage behavior in New Orleans. Second, the fact remains that the non-criminal part of the black population is incapable of getting control of black savagery and incapable of running a civilized society. When we remember that white society is inevitably going to be blamed for the incompetence of New Orlean’s black-run government and the general mayhem, and that this will lead to renewed demands for a massive effort to equalize the conditions of the races in America, we are obligated to say frankly that the racial deficit in civilizational abilities so dramatically on display in New Orleans is not the fault of whites, and cannot be changed by whites. What can be changed is our suicidal refusal to face these facts. It is whites’ fantasy of a complete racial equality of abilities that liberates and privileges black incompetence and criminality instead of restraining them, as was done by the more racial-realist America of the pre-Civil Rights era.

Here’s the AR comment:

I was waiting for an article about that cesspool. Now someone on here please explain to me why I’m about to waste my valuable time posting the following rant. Is there ANYONE (besides the people who post/read (and don’t post) here (and a few other sites)), who are AWAKE? ANYONE? HELLO?

You have a black city, run by an affirmative action black mayor [Nagin], with beleagered black cops, trying to stop blacks from raping, robbing, beating, looting, murdering, setting fires, carjacking, shooting at cops, ad infinitum, ad nauseum.

You have a wimpy, touchy-feely, leftist, feminist Democrat governor [Blanco (how ironic a name is that?!)], doing pretty much NOTHING, except getting all teary eyed when I saw her on TV once.

I’ve seen that useless third-world black leftist, Democrat mayor on TV twice—once, when he said the hurricane is going to do a lot of damage (brilliant) and once again, when he said there may be thousands of people dead in N.O. (again—brilliant). [Maybe he showed up on TV again and I missed it—and if he did, I’m sure I didn’t miss anything of substance.]

Now compare that to someone like Giuliani (forget his political views on social issues for a minute). I was three blocks away from the WTC on 9/11. I followed every minute of what happened for at least a week. Without getting into every detail, Giuliani TOOK CHARGE. Nagin couldn’t run water, much less a city.

You have millions of good-hearted whites, rushing in to try to save what’s left of the city, coordinating relief efforts, mobilizing the National Guard, donating millions of dollars, trying to dam up levees, medevac-ing people, providing security, food, water, medical supplies; transporting people, ad nauseum, ad infinitum.

The reason blacks didn’t do this (on any large or medium scale) before 1965 is that you had white law and order (which cracked down hard). Once white law and order was removed (post 1965), blacks reverted back to their savage ways—dancing around the campfire and doing what they do best, for all the world to see.

Not ONE (and correct me if I’m wrong or I missed it) TV news outlet, newspaper, radio talk show, Net site (except for AR and a few others like it), etc. has mentioned that it is blacks who are further destroying what used to be New Orleans—either leftist or (so-called) ‘conservative’ outlets.

They all keep babbling on about, “what an embarrassment to the world that they see ‘Americans’ acting this way, yadda, yadda, yadda.” Sorry—these aren’t ‘Americans’—these are ‘Africans’.
Are those white people shooting each other in the Superdome to establish ‘gang turf’?

Are those white people who are shooting at cops (and shot one in the head)?

Are those white people who are commandeering police vehicles?

Are those white people who are holding nurses at gunpoint in hospitals, so they can get drugs?

Are those white people, who you see mugging it up for the cameras after they looted a store of electronic equipment (in a city which has no electricity)?

Are those white people, who are doing the carjackings?

Are those white people, who are going around what’s left of that hell-hole, robbing, raping, pillaging and murdering people?

Are those white people, who are seen complaining and whining and bitching and screaming on TV that no one is helping them?

Should I continue with this list for about an hour or so? Do I really need to? Will anyone care? Will it make any difference?
NO—of course not. NOTHING I (or anyone else) say(s) on here will make one bit of difference. NOT ONE SINGLE BIT. All it does is give someone an outlet to type out long streams of angry thought, so you can get it off your chest, instead of doing something else, which will probably land you in some unpleasant circumstances.

…And to all the black drive-by troll readers/posters:
Don’t even bother getting on here with your screams of ‘racism’ or other afro-marxist chants. As with every other destroyed city (via riots, burnings, lootings, mayhem, etc.), it is your people, who are doing all these things, NOT US.

WE CREATE civilizations—YOU DESTROY them. Are you proud of yourselves? I swear, if I was one of the small percentage of ‘good’ blacks (and there are some), I’d be hiding under my bed from shame right now.

…And YES, there are exceptions (before you bring THAT up). There are a few white looters. There are a few decent black folks, i.e.: anyone catch that interview a couple of days ago with that black lady waiting to get into the Superdome (I think her name was Jackie or w/e)? She said that it was HER fault she didn’t evacuate, HER personal responsibility for HER situation, SHE deserved the situation SHE was in and was praying that God would see HER through this and it would be His will as to HER fate, etc., etc. SHE didn’t blame ‘whitey’, didn’t blame leftoid ‘global warming’, didn’t blame the ‘gummint’—just HERSELF.

God—I have so much more to say—but this is all so obvious to anyone on here. Everything that needs to be said has been said one million times by everyone who is half-awake and with an IQ in triple digits. I (or you) could write the most insightful post ever written and other than a couple of people possibly saying, “hey, great post,” NOTHING will ever change and NO ONE will care and EVERY ONE ELSE will just attach some ‘ism’ moniker to you (of which I could care less about that part).

I won’t bore anyone anymore because I realize I didn’t organize this post into coherent, contiguous, similarly themed paragraphs—it’s just a rant, so I’ll just leave with this:


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