Another Vdare reader defends Paul Craig Roberts

While I don’t think I’ve said that Paul Craig Roberts is anti-Semitic, I have said that his columns are very close in content and form to anti-Semitism. I’ve also pointed out that someone who does not just tolerate Robert’s columns (as does Vdare’s editor Peter Brimelow ) but actively admires them (as does Vdare reader Sean, whose letter to Vdare I discussed yesterday), is very likely an anti-Semite. Here is a letter I received this morning which shows how right I was.

From: Jim Arndt
Subject: VDARE

Larry, you have unwittingly strengthened my long-standing belief that non-whites, Jews included, do not belong in any truly conservative and truly intrepid movement to reclaim this country. The fact that such individuals, at least at first glance, may seem loyal and valuable is immaterial.

Diversity hurts society, for it manifestly undermines its very foundations, the very principles on which it rests and which tie its members together. This rule applies not only to society as a whole, but to all other movements and organizations, especially and principally those of the conservative nature.

You are a Jew who desperately wants to be part of the conservative movement. In order to be accepted into any such association, you have to engage in subversive activities and work from the outside to nudge the said movement into redefining itself so that you are not excluded. Your crusade against VDARE and its honorable columnists is a testament to this reality.

You are a saboteur on a mission to fragment and sap the strength of this movement. You are like a black working to sabotage the White Movement to secure his—BLACK’S—inclusion in it.

The harsh truth is that you are an alien entity in this country. You belong in Israel with your people. Go away.

Note that Jim Arndt regards my condemnation of Roberts as undermining the movement to defend white America, even though Roberts does not oppose Third-World immigration but to the contrary says that he would like the entire nation of Mexico to move to America, if only that would result somehow in the disappearance of the neocons. In other words, the bottom line for Arndt’s white “conservatism” is not to keep America from being Third-Worldized via immigration, but simply to get rid of the Jews. And a Jew or a person of Jewish ancestry who criticizes the idea that Mexicans should take over America while all neocons should be removed from America—which to Arndt means that all Jews should be removed from America—proves by that fact that he is a traitor to “conservatism” who doesn’t belong here. For anti-Semites, the only “good” Jew is one who subscribes to the anti-Semitic program, just as, for Muslims, the only good non-Muslim is one who submits himself to Islam.

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Robert B. writes:

I read VDare—not as much as I used to but I do read it. Roberts, while occasionally writing a decent piece in times gone by, as become a shrill nutjob, in my estimation. And I do think Brimelow “tolerates” him in the same way that what’s his name should have. An agreement to publish is an agreement to publish, even if you do not agree with what the person writes.

LA replies:

1. Who is “what’s his name”?

2. There is no “agreement to publish.” Vdare pays Roberts’s syndication outfit for the rights to publish Roberts’s columns. They have the right to publish all of them or none of them.

Bill Carpenter writes:

Have you commented on the article at The Inverted World on Kevin MacDonald? The Realist does a great job at showing how non-Jewish whites have applauded and promoted liberal universalism every step of the way. However, he retains the view that liberal policies and philosophies are “vehicles of Jewish interests.” That seems to undo the strength of the argument. If Jews support the same policies for the same reasons as other white liberals, why are such policies vehicles of Jewish interests? Aren’t liberal Jews supporting them for the same reasons other liberals support them, because they think that they are good policies and that liberal universalism is a good philosophy? From my vantage in Minneapolis, I would be hard pressed even to assert that Jews are more liberal than Scandinavians or Irish, not to mention Mexicans, though there may be studies that indicate that.

Hunter W. writes:

As a regular reader of VDARE, I remember avidly pursuing Paul Craig Roberts articles a year or so ago. He was a good source for economic information about outsourcing and the replacement of industrial jobs with service jobs. I can’t remember exactly when or why, but I gradually started tuning him out, and didn’t read anything he had to say during the recent immigration debate. He started writing more frequently about foreign policy matters which either turned me off or didn’t interest me. I won’t say it was because of the 9/11 conspiracy theory, as I honestly don’t remember, but that was probably it.

James L. writes:

Very few people are defending Western Civilization and The American People as forthrightly and forcefully as you are. Thank God you are on the right side. Paul Roberts is a nut, completely twisted by his hatred of President Bush. Maybe Bush wouldn’t give him a job in his administration. Keep up the fight!

Gintas writes:

Jim Arndt’s letter says plainly that Jews are not white. Where does he get that, except that he’s simply a Jew-Hater? I’ll bet he fancies himself as part of an elite vanguard restoring the glories of pre-Christian Western Whiteness. Intrepid, indeed!

Mark Jaws writes:

I can certainly understand why many white nationalists have problems with American Jews, who as a group do indeed disproportionately promote and advance the liberal agenda. But when my fellow white nationalists claim that Jews are not white, that is when a red flag goes up in my mind and Nazi (or Nazi-sympathizer) starts blinking in bold letters. If you cannot see that Jews are clearly Caucasian then you are as equally deluded as the misguided mental midget moron Afro-Centrists, who claim that the ancient Egyptians, Jews, and Carthaginians were black.

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