“Yes, Usain, you are the greatest.”

Mark L. writes:

You may have heard that Usain Bolt, the Jamaican runner who has won several gold medals, has said, “I am the greatest athlete to live.” Not content to let others praise him, he has to declare it himself. And he’s done so in at least a half dozen turns of phrase.

But not to worry. Here is a white man who is a true believer, and willing to publicly confess the greatness of his god.

“Yes Usain, you are the greatest,” writes Rob Longley in a column in yestrerday’s Toronto Sun. Longley sets up his assessment by delving into the subjective (and ultimately trivial) question of “who is the world’s greatest athlete?” by offering several recent examples, all of whom fall down before the mighty Bolt.

While some have suggested the designation “World’s Greatest Athlete” should go to this year’s decathlon winner Ashton Eaton (an American of mixed race), Longley scoffs, cluelessly: “How many individual events would any of the multi-sport athletes be able to win a medal in and what percentage of the world’s sports fans could recognize his mug in a police lineup?”

Longley writes for a newspaper in a city which has been plagued by gang violence and random shootings, a majority of which has been brought to us courtesy of Jamaican immigrants. And he sees fit to write the above sentence, as though greatness is enhanced by one’s infamy, the fact that this particular Olympian would be instantly recognized by people around the globe if tomorrow his picture appeared in police lineup.

Ah, there really is nothing like the worshipful white male liberal sports fan. He simply prostrates himself before his negro god. “Yes Usain,” he says in pious abjection, and with heartfelt humility. “You are the greatest.”

“If thou shalt confess the Lord Usain, and believe in thine heart he is the greatest athelete ever, thou shalt be saved” (Romans 10:9—a liberal paraphrase).

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