According to Bush, Islam is morally superior to America

Carl Simpson reports on the latest doings of his favorite religious figure:
Here are the words of the Honorable Imam al-Dubya, delivered tonight at the annual Ramadan festivities in the Dar al-Washington.

“Islam is a religion that brings hope and comfort to more than a billion people around the world. It has transcended racial and ethnic divisions.

“It has given birth to a rich culture of learning and literature and science. And tonight we honor the traditions of a great faith by hosting the Iftaar here at the White House.”

The Mahdi from West Texas (pbuh) hath spoken!

In the same spirit, LA adds:

We should note that according to the statements of Imam al-Dubya and his First Caliphette, the Most Blessed al-Rice, Islam is superior to America, since, as the Imam al-Dubya so eloquently phrased it in his remarks at Gorey Island in Africa, America is still infused with the same racial hatreds that drove slavery, and also, as the First Caliphette never ceases reminding us, Americans have a long way to go before they attain racial justice; while Islam, as al-Dubya has so graciously phrased it, has already transcended racial and ethnic divisions, a statement he has never made about America. Therefore Islam is closer to the perfection of equality than is our own morally scarred country.

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