Might Obama pull a Lyndon Johnson?

Two days ago I said that the predictions of Obama’s certain defeat in 2012 are way overstated. Here’s the opposite view—that things are going so bad for Obama he might not even run for re-election. Dick Morris writes:

As bad news piles up for the Democrats, I asked a top Democratic strategist if it were possible that President Obama might “pull a Lyndon Johnson” and soberly face the cameras, telling America that he has decided that the demands of partisan politics are interfering with his efforts to right our economy and that he has decided to withdraw to devote full time to our recovery. His answer: “Yes. It’s possible. If things continue as they are and have not turned around by January, it is certainly possible.”

Just looking at Michelle Obama’s unsmiling face during her husband’s recent speech to Congress triggered an insight: These folks aren’t having fun anymore.

Obama, whose insistence on passing a healthcare law that the courts will probably throw out cost his party the House, will now cost his party the Senate too. Indeed, it is even possible that the Republicans win 60 seats. [cont.]

Such quasi-predictions should be received with caution. As I remember, in 2010 Morris built up expectations of a much bigger Republican blow-out than actually occurred.

He also has, in his daily video, a sharp analysis of Obama’s “soak the rich,” class-warfare tax scheme.

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