Laura Wood on Bialek and Cain

Laura Wood writes:

Here we have a woman effusing sensuality with tousled hair, dangling earrings and heavy make-up who stands before the nation and says that many years before, when she was presumably much more attractive and [much more] effusively sensual, she went out on a dinner date alone with a business associate who had just told her he had upgraded her hotel room to a suite. Then—horrors!—after a number of drinks together and a romantic evening in an Italian restaurant, he put his hand up her skirt and moved her head towards him.

“How could this happen to widdle ol’ me?! I was only looking for a job!”

Not only is Cain’s accuser a joke, but Cain himself (if what she says is true, and it appears to be true) is a joke. Who wants a man guilty of such reckless, illicit behavior in the presidency? I don’t.


Fred Owens writes:

Take any American hero, from Thomas Jefferson to Mickey Mantle, and their reputations would never survive the kind of intense media scrutiny that our leaders face today.

Furthermore, take the common American man and we hope he is a hero to his wife and his children, but he may have done something at one time or another that was not exemplary.

I would say if you know some American men as heroes, whether they be famous or common, then a closer examination will reveal flaws, including moral flaws.

Laura writes:

The scrutiny has increased, but so has the level of tolerance. Voters are willing to forgive some transgressions. Politicians are rarely saints.

However, married men who are habitual womanizers tend to be liars. This incident suggests that Cain falls into that category. There are many positions in which such men can flourish. They shouldn’t be presidential candidates for the conservative party.

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November 10

Steve R. writes:

Laura Wood wrote:

” … if what she [Bialek] says is true, and it appears to be true … ”

Has there been any recent information that lends credibility to her story? If not, then consider:

1) An accuser, in a case like this, typically offers to take a polygraph test. She hasn’t. Cain has.

2) Despite the seemingly fantastical nature of the voice detector described in the preceding post, nearly 70 police organizations use it.

3) Coulter’s conspiracy theory is plausible enough not to be dismissed.

The manner in which conservatives treated Jack Ryan is being revisited on Herman Cain. Whether Cain is a joke or not, as long as conservatives are quick to believe the assertions of highly corrupt liberals then we will continually fall into a trap—one which results in us being destroyed by the likes of an Obama.

I would like to know Laura’s basis for asserting that Bialek’s story appears to be true and that Herman Cain is lying.

November 11

Laura Wood replies:

I wrote that earlier in the week and based my statement at that time on the fact that Gloria Allred had obtained affidavits from people who confirmed Bialek’s story. I agree with Steve R. The affidavits do not seem sufficient evidence.

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