A secular case against homosexual marriage?

The below note by Gintas raises the question, is John Derbyshire finally having a glimmer that the total denial of any truth in human existence other than that proceeding from random mutations naturally selected is not compatible with the preservation of traditional values and institutions, such as marriage; and, in any case, that the sort of people attracted to materialist reductionism tend to be the opposite of conservatives? Who do Derbyshire and his fellow atheist and Christianity-hater Heather Mac Donald think are going to be their allies on the “secular right”?

Gintas writes:

Derbyshire gives it a go, the kind of thing this “secular conservative” site should have been doing all along. And here’s a continuation, where Derbyshire wonders:

The comment thread here has me wondering how many conservatives are actually reading Secular Right.

Will Derbyshire ever wonder if “Secular Right” is an oxymoron?

Posted by Lawrence Auster at May 09, 2009 03:51 PM | Send

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