The Dallas Morning News, Rod Dreher, and the Americanization of the illegal alien

Here, for reference, is a collection of the VFR blog entries that were set off by the Dallas Morning News’ essay declaring the Illegal Alien to be the Texan of the Year. The list includes Rod Dreher’s blog entry and discussion, which is the main resource for this debate.

The Dallas Morning News turns left

Treason at the Dallas Morning News

How many flip-flops can one writer have, before he can hear readers sigh?

Larry Auster: Blog first, think later [This is Dreher’s reply to me at his Crunchy Con blog, followed by a long discussion in which I explain and defend my position and show clearly the real meaning of the Texan of the Year essay. Note: Rod Dreher has had no reply to my argument that to call the Illegal Alien the “Texan of the Year” in and of itself means that all illegal aliens are Americans, thus making it morally impossible for us to treat them as illegal aliens.]

Reply to Rod Dreher

Dreher tells his readers what he thinks of them

A critic speaks

The Dreher discussion continues

The real meaning of the “Texan of the Year” article: an open letter to Mark Krikorian

Readers comment on the Dreher-Auster debate

Did I deserve it?

The debate winds up

They say everybody must adjust

Dreher’s latest epiphany

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