Going where no Auster-hater has gone before.

(Update: the blogger OneSTDV more or less takes my side.)

I’m not recommending this for your reading, unless you have a special interest (preferably clinical) in Auster-hatred.

- end of initial entry -

Gintas writes:

If I hadn’t gone over there, I would never have known how desperate his struggle to ignore you has become:

Tell your friends and spread the word—as far as we on the right are concerned, Lawrence Auster does not exist. Don’t read him, don’t link to him, don’t even think about him.

LA replies:

Try not thinking about an elephant. Just try.

Jim C. writes:

Perhaps you can sell Auster dartboards with your mug on them.

LA replies:

You keep sending me these clever marketing ideas, which I never do anything about.

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