We need to understand liberals’ principles; we don’t need drive ourselves crazy attending to everything liberals say

The Democrats’ own Joan of Arc, Sandra “I Demand Free Contraceptives from a Catholic University” Fluke, was speaking at the Democratic convention. I turned it off. Look, when people become so crazy that they demand as an absolute right that all women should be given free contraceptives paid for by their employer or their university, they’ve gotten too crazy to warrant paying much attention to them. The Democrats may win on this issue—indeed they have already won in that the contraceptive mandate has been imbued with the force of law via executive dictat and will remain so unless Obamacare is repealed. We have to oppose the Democrats’ wicked and mad schemes, and to oppose them effectively we need to understand how such schemes result logically from the Democrats’ insane principles. But that doesn’t mean that we have to torture ourselves listening to the Democrats every time they open their traps. The human mind is designed for the contemplation of reality, not for the contemplation of sheer insanity.

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Daniel F. writes:

You somewhat misstate the issue that has made the idiotic Fluke a celebrity among Obama’s servile followers. Obamacare does not guarantee all women contraceptives at taxpayer-expense - under current constitutional law, there would be no problem with that, and it certainly would not violate any person or group’s religious liberty. (I think Medicaid has long covered contraceptives for poor women.) As I’m sure you’re aware, the issue the Democrats are using Fluke to exploit concerns Obamacare’s requirement that all employers above a certain size - including religiously affiliated educational institutions, hospitals and philanthropies - provide their employees with medical insurance covering contraceptive and abortifacent drugs, regardless of religious objections to such drugs.

September 9

LA replies:

Thanks for the correction. I’ve fixed the entry to reflect your point.

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