Richard Spencer: neocons are the transcendent danger to America

I’ve revised and polished the entry about Richad Spencer’s statement that the neocons are a “far, far, FAR worse” threat to America than a mass occupation of the United States by Mexicans would be.

Think how fortunate we are to have the benefits of Spencer’s wisdom. From time to time at this site, when I have been focusing a lot on the Islam threat, readers have reminded me that mass legal and illegal Hispanic immigration, constituting nothing less than an ongoing invasion, represents a far larger challenge to the continuity of our country and culture than a couple of million Muslims, and in reply I have tried to form a balanced picture of the relative seriousness of the two problems. But now Spencer has cut through all that nonsense. So forget about the spread of sharia. Forget about jihadist and pro-terror organizations planted throughout this country and in the councils of the government and the security agencies. Forget about our society half-paralyzed by an anti-terror security regime made necessary solely by the presence of Muslims. Forget about Mexico’s openly declared war of reconquista on the U.S. Forget about entire areas of the U.S. becoming effectively Mexicanized. Forget about the Mexican narco violence spilling over into our country. Forget all that. The greatest threat facing the country, by far, by FAR, is the neocons.

And to think that I once thought that Richard Spencer was an intelligent, together fellow. Why, for heaven’s sake, he’s as bent out of shape as Paul Craig Roberts, whose whackiest effusions he defends. And he’s only thirty-one. Imagine what he’ll be like when he’s Roberts’s age.

Posted by Lawrence Auster at August 24, 2010 12:14 PM | Send

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