VFR on the death of Kaddafi

Kaddafi dead. Long live “democracy.” [“Kaddafi never violated his agreements with us and never became a threat to us or our allies. He spoke in the warmest terms of the United States and of Obama. Yet the instant that people whom we chose to call democrats rose up in rebellion against him, our ideology and what we perceived as our political self-interest required that we side against him. We attacked his country, bombed his military and his government, bombed his residence, drove him from power, and now we have killed him.”]

The end of an era?

The two sides of our betrayal of Kaddafi [Both imperialistic / lawless / criminal and treasonous.]

America’s direct and indispensable involvement in the capture of Kaddafi

U.S. and Kaddafi, then and now [A collection of photos and text showing friendly relations of top U.S. officials with Kaddafi in recent years.]

The four minutes following Kaddafi’s capture [“Our dishonor is now pretty much complete.”]

America’s madness [“I am distraught by the now taken for granted American attitude that we have the right to attack any country and kill its leader, not because he is threatening us or our allies, but because we decide we don’t like him—because he’s the ‘bad guy’ in our ‘democratic’ script. I am deeply disturbed by the absence of any voices of dissent.”]

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