They’ve gone about as far as they can go—NOT

Non-commissioned officers wearing fake breasts and big bellies so as to understand the concerns of pregnant troops—that seemed about as far as they could go. Then I said, not joking, what will NCOs have to do to understand the concerns of transgendered troops? Of course, the Army does not yet have transgendered troops, but the left is assiduously working on it. And what the left assiduously works on, it eventually gets.

But here is something the left already has. Laura Wood writes about it at The Thinking Housewife:

THE U.S. medical establishment, operating under obvious profit-making motives, now condones the mutilation and poisoning of children and adolescents who say they are confused and unhappy with their innate sex. In the ultimate manifestation of societal hatred of male and female, “gender identity” clinics have appeared at major pediatric hospitals. These clinics have invented a devastatingly effective sales pitch, as shown in this AP story. They tell frightened and gullible parents, who may be suffering from mental illness of their own, that their confused children - boys who fantasize about being girls and girls who fantasize about being boys - may commit suicide if they don’t submit to puberty-blocking hormones and surgery. Girls as young as 16 have had their breasts cut off under the supervision of Dr. Norman Spack, of the Children’s Hospital Boston.

The denial of innate sex differences has reached the point of mass hysteria. We are in the grip of collective mental illness and medical sadism.

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