Stanley Ann biographer is vague on circumstances of Barack’s birth and time frame of his parents’ marriage

Regarding New York Times reporter Janny Scott’s biography of Stanley Ann Dunham, A Singular Woman, Jack Cashill writes at American Thinker:

In the April 20 Times, Scott has a lengthy article largely excerpted from her book. If, however, after two years and two hundred interviews, she has information that could put the birther controversy to bed, she has chosen not to share it, at least not yet.

In the article, Scott’s discussion of the relationship between Barack Obama Sr. and Obama’s mom, Stanley Ann Dunham, is brief and a little bit tantalizing.

Scott contends that Dunham met Obama in the fall of 1960. She promptly became pregnant, “dropped out of school, married him and gave birth shortly before their union ended.” Much hinges on the word “shortly” here. In the official Obama nativity story, told and retold many times, Obama is two years-old when his father leaves the family. “Shortly” sounds shorter than two years, much shorter.

As to where baby Obama is born, that Scott does not reveal. Curiously, however, she tells the reader that Obama’s half-sister Maya Kassandra Soetoro was born “at Saint Carolus Hospital, a Catholic hospital thought by Westerners at that time to be the best in Jakarta.”

If the article reflects the book, then Scott knows no more—or rather has chosen to say no more—than is already generally known on these issues. The cover-up continues.

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