Benedict goes where no pope has gone before

Benny just doesn’t stop. This is from BBC News:

Pope Benedict XVI has visited one of Turkey’s most famous mosques in what is being seen as an attempt to mend relations with the Muslim community.

During his tour of the Blue Mosque in Istanbul, the pontiff paused in silent prayer alongside senior Muslim clerics.

Folks, I think I now understand Benedict. His real ambition is to surpass in the Dhimmitude Hall of Fame his predecessor, John Paul II.

But things can’t be that bad, can they? There must be a better explanation of what Benedict is up to. Let’s see, what could it be? I’ve got it. By praying in a famous mosque alongside Muslim clerics, he is making the Muslim world feel so happy and satisfied at their coup over Christianity, that they will now go complacently to sleep. While their guard is down, the Pope will order a new Crusade that will drive the Musulmans out of Istanbul, which he will rename as Constantinople, and bring the once Christian lands of Asia Minor back into the fold of Christendom. He’s got it all planned out. He’s a genius.

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Howard Sutherland points out a truly shocking phrase that I missed in the linked BBC News article:

“The Pope spent half an hour in Hagia Sophia, a domed complex that was once a Christian centre before becoming a mosque and eventually, a museum.”

Mr. Sutherland continues:

What do you suppose those departed Christians once did in that “centre” of theirs, anyway? I think I know what the Moslems did in it once they made a mosque of it… I guess Canterbury Cathedral, Westminster Abbey, St. Paul’s and all the rest are merely “Christian centres” too. Somehow I don’t think the Beeb will be referring to, say, the Finsbury Park Mosque as merely a “Muslim centre” any time soon. I say again, God help us.

LA replies:

I have said that the BBC coldly hates Britain, coldly hates what is left of the traditional West, and seeks to put them out of existence. What could be better proof than the BBC’s gratuitous reference to one of the most famous churches in historic Christendom as a “Christian centre”?

If the British wanted to survive as a nation, they would demand the dismantlement of the BBC.

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