Marines reaching out to homosexuals

JC in Houston writes:

Here’s another sickening article courtesy of Drudge. The Marines set up a recruiting booth at a homosexual (I refuse to use the word gay) center. Maybe the services have to tolerate this law, but to go out actively and seek recruits who will be nothing but a corrosive influence on combat readiness is insane. Incidentally, if 2012 brings a strengthened Republican House and Senate as well as the White House, will the GOP attempt to return to sanity and reinstate the law banning homosexuals from the military? Somehow I seriously doubt that as well.

LA replies:

How about that? On the same day that non-discrimination for homosexuals in the Marines went into effect, Affirmative Action for homosexuals in the Marines also went into effect.

In the interest of reaching out to a group that because of historic discrimination may not yet be aware that the military is now open to them, will the Marines also put ads in homosexual and leather magazines saying, “Uncle Sam Wants You,” and “We Need a Few Good Men”?

The homosexualization of the military, the greatest single victory for the left in this country, along with Obamacare, should remind us what liars the left are when they complain that the problem with Obama is that he has been too conservative.

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