Guilty verdict in Anne Pressly murder trial

A creature named Curtis Vance was found guilty today in the rape and beating to death of TV anchorwoman Anne Pressly in her home in Little Rock one year ago. (Here are VFR’s previous entries on the murder.)

Anne Pressley and her killer

Blogger David Koon, who was in the courtroom on the first day of the trial last week, describes the condition Anne Pressly was left in by her killer. If you intend to read it, you need to steel yourself before doing so. The words “rape,” “beating,” and even “murder” are all utterly inadequate to describe what was done to Anne Pressly. This was not just about killing a human being, it was about obliterating a human being. Specifically, it was about a black man obliterating a pretty young white woman, acting out in its most primitive and extreme form the hatred and desire for vengeance against whites that lives inside many blacks and is encouraged and justified, not by all blacks, not by a majority of blacks, but by a significant number of blacks, and at every level of the black community.

The same impulse to obliterate a white woman, going beyond “normal” rape and “normal” murder, was seen in the Hamilton Heights kidnapping and torture incident last year, in the kidnapping, rape, and murder of Christian Channon (with Christopher Newsom) in Knoxville in 2007, and in numerous other cases. How many white women must be raped and destroyed by black predators before our society even recognizes that this phenomenon exists?

Here is Koon’s blog entry about the first day of the trial:

Vance Trial: UPDATE

There are horrors in this world, and one of them was sitting in a clean, well-lit courtroom, listening to a veteran emergency room doctor and a sexual assault examination nurse describe the injuries of KATV anchorwoman Anne Pressly.


Earlier, Anne’s mother, Patti Cannady, had described how she found her daughter in her rented house on Club Road in the early morning hours of October 20, 2008, lying in a fetal position on a bed soaked with her own blood. Cannady teared up at least once as she told how she tried to stop her only daughter’s bleeding with towels retrieved from the bathroom—how, when she looked up to pray as EMT’s worked to save Anne’s life, she saw that the attack had been so brutal that it left flecks of blood on the ceiling.

St. Vincent Infirmary ER doctor Theresa McBride and Carla Jackson, a Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner, took the description of Pressly’s injuries where a mother’s mind would not allow itself to tread, and their account was—in a word—horrific.

Jackson, who examined Pressly for signs of rape as doctors worked to stabilize her, testified that Pressly’s face and scalp bore signs of “massive trauma.” Jackson said that there was a half-centimeter tear to the skin between Pressly’s vagina and anus, which she said can be indicitive that a forcible rape has occurred.

McBride, an emergency room physician who has taught emergency medicine at UAMS, said that she was surprised that Pressly even made it to the hospital. When she first saw her, McBride said, Pressly was, “laying in a pool of blood on the gurney … She did not have a recognizable human face.”

McBride testified that when she tried to put a tube down Pressly’s throat to help her breathe, she found that the bones in Pressly’s face were so shattered that they moved under the skin. Pressly’s hair was matted with blood to the point that McBride said she first took her to be a redhead. Her nose was crushed beyond recognition. What McBride first took to be a laceration to Pressly’s neck was actually her dislocated jaw, which had collapsed down onto her throat.

Given the chance to cross-examine McBride and Jackson, defense attorneys for defendant Curtis Vance gave the impression of grasping at straws, with attorney Katherine Streett seizing on the fact that McBride is a Doctor of Osteopathy, not an M.D., and questioning Jackson over the fact that she couldn’t remember if she’d used one swab or two to collect evidence from Pressly’s body. McBride countered that the D.O. and the M.D. degrees are recognized by medical licensing bodies as “equivalent degrees.”

Testimony resumes tomorrow at 9:30 a.m.

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I have never been a death penalty supporter. I would make an exception for the cretin who did this to a young lady.

Posted by: FortSmithBoy [TypeKey Profile Page] | November 4, 2009 08:30 PM

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November 12

Charles T. writes:

I read about her injuries on Fox two days ago. I could hardly think about it afterwards. Last night I watched a you-tube expose on the South African farm murders of whites. It included a segment by a Dr. Gregory Stanton who works with an organization called Genocide Watch. He states that one of the goals of people participating in genocide is completely to humilitate and eliminate the object of their aggression. Robbery is not the motive. Elimination is. The documentation of the South African farm murders that I have read—and the photos as well—reminds me of what happened to Miss Pressly. This man tried to eliminate this young woman. The South African documentation of the farm murder crime scenes are eerily similarly to what I read about Miss Pressly on Fox. They are are also eerily similar to the Knoxville horror and the Wichita massacre. The patterns of murder, humiliation, and torture are the same. The details are horrific.

You wrote: “This was not just about killing a human being, it was about obliterating a human being.”

This is well said and needs to be repeated over and over.

This is exactly what is happening in South Africa. Since 1991 over 3,100 Boer farmers have been murdered. This does not include the other murders of whites and blacks that have occured in South Africa since the ANC came to power. The South African murder rate has skyrocketed under the leadership of the ANC.

If Israel is our canary in the coal mine concerning Islam, South Africa is our canary in the coal mine concerning white minorities surrounded by third world populations.

Mark A. writes:

Incredibly, the Left continues to be stunned that gun sales are at an all time high…

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