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Suddenly this afternoon I could not send and receive e-mails or open the Inbox or the Sent Items in Outlook Express; when I tried, I got the dread “Illegal operation, application is shutting down” message. A quick fix I came up with was to go to the Windows folder where Outlook Express e-mails are stored as .dbx files and rename the Inbox folder and Sent Items folder, which resulted in new, empty Inbox and Sent Items being automatically created in OE. I can now send and receive and open the new Inbox and Sent Items. But unfortunately, at least for the moment, all recently received (and sent) e-mails are inaccessible, since the renamed Inbox and Sent Items folders are not showing up as folders in the OE application. So if I don’t post or reply to a recent e-mail of yours, you know the reason why. If you send me a new e-mail, I will be able to receive and read it.

Posted by Lawrence Auster at December 22, 2010 03:56 PM | Send

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