The Romneys kiss, women go “Awww”

Karl D. writes:

I was looking at photos from the debate last night and one struck me as very symbolic. Look at the expressions on the faces of the two women (on the far right and left) in this photo that was taken immediately after the debate when Mitt Romney got a congratulatory kiss from his wife.


This is precisely why the female vote has become so important. It seems that for many women, the candidate who makes them say “Awwww” the most will be their choice. I know I am over simplifying it, but not by much. This is why the Romney campaign has been knocking itself out trying to make him like a nice and caring guy. Remember the GOP convention?

LA replies:

Great catch. That warm, quasi-maternal smile on the faces of the two women, their almost primal look of female approval at the Romneys’ marital kiss, expresses something of the essence of women, but also illustrates one of the main reasons why women should not have the vote or occupy political office. Given women’s primary focus on feelings and relationships, their presence in the electorate requires politicians constantly to engage in these unseemly displays—kissing their wives in public, bringing out their children to testify what great fathers they are, and all the rest of it. It debases the electoral process, it lowers the quality of our elected leaders, and it assures that good government and liberty will not be the principal ends of politics, but making female voters feel good.

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Terry Morris writes:

But can’t we pursue good government and liberty as our principal concerns, AND make women feel good too? Why not?

Answer that one, Mr. Know-it-all. heeheeheehee … :-)

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