Coulter: Obamacare is “dead, dead, dead”

Ann Coulter was briefly interviewed at the CPAC conference over the weekend by PJTV. Apart from the annoyance of hearing the young female interviewer describe Coulter as “a role model for so many conservative women,” Coulter said something worth repeating. Asked about the prospects of the revival of Obamacare, she answered:

It is over, they are humoring the base. As Rahm Emanuel called them, they are effing retards, and they are humoring the effing retards right now. So, no, they are not bringing up the health care again, it is dead, dead, dead. Thank you, Massachusetts voters.

(Note: I don’t necessarily recommend clicking on the link, because Bill Whittle and his announcers keep asking you to subscribe. I subscribed weeks ago, yet they keep asking me anyway. They’re so insistent about it, that when I put the Coulter interview on pause for a few moments, I lost the interview and was taken back to the announcement telling me to subscribe. Bill Whittle doesn’t know when to can it.)
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Larry G. writes:

Try clearing your browser cookies. I use FireFox.When I registered (free) the messages changed to “Thank you for registering”. Since I signed up for a paid subscription, I don’t get any pitches at all. And of course it’s not Bill Whittle’s fault; he’s just the one who recorded the messages.

LA replies:

I’m glad to learn this, but cleaning out cookies is not a desirable thing to do, as it then requires the user to re-register at sites that require registering.

The upshot is that PJTV is set up in such a way that the only way you can stop getting the constant reminders to subscribe is by taking that additional step of cleaning out cookies, which (a) they don’t tell you about, and (b) causes further inconveniences.

And I’m not supposed to be annoyed at Bill Whittle about this?

LA writes:

I just cleaned out the cookies in my Firefox browser and restarted the browser. Videos from PJTV are still preceded by the announcements and reminders to subscribe (for free). PJTV has lost me.

LA writes:

According to the About page at PJTV, which Larry G. sent, Whittle is just a commentator there. That’s surprising, as his announcement comes on in a way that makes him seem like the head honcho. It says Roger Simon is the CEO of PJTV.

A. Zarkov writes:

What does Ann Coulter know that the rest of us don’t? Does she think the Democrats won’t be able to muster a simple majority in either the House or the Senate? At this point we need an expert on the parliamentary rules and procedures for doing a reconciliation. Perhaps the Republicans can throw procedural roadblocks into the path of the reconciliation steamroller. If so, I’d like to hear what they are. It seems to me that if the Democrats are willing to take the blowback for doing a reconciliation, then they will do it, and the bill will pass. Then Obama will sign it. Even if the Republicans take over the whole of Congress in 2010, they won’t be able to undo the bill because Obama will veto the legislation. Not only that, the Senate has put in “entrenchment” provisions into the bill to bind future Congresses from rescinding or modifying certain portions of the healthcare legislation. Can they do that? Law professor Eric Posner says no in this essay. But see this discussion and the comments that follow. When it comes to legal matters, nothing is certain. If Obama is elected again in 2012, then the healthcare legislation must stand until at least 2016. By that time the takeover of the American medical industry will be complete. Has anything that has been socialized ever been rescinded? Changing demographics will also make it increasingly difficult to turn back the clock. Everyone who benefits without having to pay will be a staunch supporter. In my opinion, this is why the Democrats are willing to go for broke.

LA replies:

The question is not whether reconciliation is technically feasible, if the numbers and support for it are there. The question is whether the numbers and support for it are there. And on that front, there’s no sign that the irreconcilable differences within the Democratic House and Senate caucuses have been resolved since January 19.

LA continues:

A question for you:

If the Dems have a way to pass the bill, why does EJ. Dionne sound so desperate, rather than confident?

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