Harvard versus SMU

On the earthshaking question of Harriet Miers’ educational credentials, Howard Sutherland writes:

Ann Coulter is over the top with her gratuitous insults of Southern Methodist University. Harriet Miers and me aside, SMU has produced many good lawyers. Coulter would object less if Miers were a mediocrity from Harvard?

LA to HRS:

The fuss about SMU versus Harvard is an almost idiotic distraction from the real controversy here. Why are people such jerks? The problem is not what school Miers went to. The problem is her lack of experience and engagement with constitutional issues. She could be a self-educated person who read law in a lawyer’s office, but if she had grappled with and mastered constitutional law, and had developed an originalist understanding of same, then she would be qualified.

HRS to LA:

Just so. Why does Coulter, who is no fool even if hyper, get caught up in such things? It contributes to the perception that the younger generation of “conservative” pundits is fundamentally unserious.

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